Writing for 1,000 generations

The first "pen" appeared around 24,000 BC, and reed pens appeared in Mesopotamia about 5,000 years ago when written language was invented. Their design has remained unchanged ever since. 

Humans have been expressing ideas with pens for over a thousand generations.

As a species, our very ability to think has evolved with our writing instruments.

We fixed VR controllers.

VR controllers were hastily adapted from gaming consoles, and each controller is complex enough, that newcomers struggle to learn them. 

They have to be held in mid air and can’t be used on a flat surface which makes them uncomfortable to use for even a short time.

We knew we there had to be a better way.

A better VR controller

VR controllers are great for gaming but their designers have largely ignored how most people like working outside of VR.

They have to be held in midair and unlike a pen, paintbrush or other creative tool, they can’t be used on a flat surface. And they're heavy, which makes them uncomfortable to use for even a relatively short period of time.

We knew there had to be a better way.

Inscribe Pen

The precision of a pen in VR

When we set out to make a VR workspace, we had to reimagine both the pen and the canvas. We created the Inscribe Pen, which feels like a regular pen but uses our advanced tracking technology for unparalleled precision.

The Inscribe Pen is built for VR and makes it easy to paint or manipulate objects in 3D. Yet, the Pen is familiar, and lets you use any flat surface like your desk, as an infinite canvas for expressing ideas.

And since we knew that the Pen would be used every day, we gave it extra long battery life and made it easy to charge via USB. Finally you can work in VR for hours at a time, with an infinite canvas and pixel perfect precision.

World class features

6DOF, sub-millimeter tracking
Pressure sensitive with 512 levels
Maximum precision
Mappable utility button
Ultra low latency
Easy USB charging
Replaceable 0.7mm felt nib
Tactile feedback
Tilt sensitive

Inscribe Workspace

A multidimensional workspace in VR

The ultimate workspace isn’t a pad of paper, a whiteboard, or a wall of monitors, it’s an endless canvas for your ideas. The Inscribe Workspace is a VR application that combines the best parts of 2D and 3D workspaces to create the first multidimensional workspace.

With unlimited space, you can import models, images, PDFs and all of the files you work with. Then, use the Inscribe Pen to add 2D or 3D annotations and manipulate models. Inscribe Workspace has everything you'd expect from a digital creation tool, including autosave, share via web, and easy undo/redo.

Together the Inscribe Pen and Inscribe Workspace give you the best place to think.

The best of 2D & 3D

Share via the web
Import images, models & PDFs
Supports Inscribe Pen gestures
Easily undo & redo
Feels like a real workspace
Export to any format
An infinite canvas
Draw in 2D or 3D


Works with Windows Mixed Reality headsets or Rift/Vive via Leap Motion.

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